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Peer to Peer Communication Using Comedy


Peer to Peer Communication Using Comedy


Peer to Peer Communication Using Comedy
Peer to Peer Communication Using Comedy
Peer to Peer Communication Using Comedy
Peer to Peer Communication Using Comedy

What you'll do

Interpersonal communication is tricky, and professional development is boring, right? Not anymore. We use performance techniques and apply them to non-performance scenarios to help people adapt, grow and learn together in a fun and engaging way, all while saying "Yes, And". It helps teams share laughs, new experiences, and puts everyone (safely) a bit outside their comfort zones to explore how to return to a state of playfulness, which naturally breaks down barriers between us as we get to let our sillier sides out to play! How often do you get to really let loose as an adult? 

This experience can run from 60 minutes to a full day! Let us help your team get back to work together!

  • Get to know your teammates and coworkers better through play and games!
  • Take risks in a supportive environment and let your sillier side shine
  • Foster an attitude of enthusiastic and radical acceptance 
  • Bond with your team through laughter in fun exercises and games that will challenge and entertain you!

More than 100 participants? Reach out to our team at for large group pricing!

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I liked it way more than i thought i would! The host was awesome Think Dirty team member
It was fun and uplifting :) Coconut Software team member
It really helps us learn to hear and accept each other's ideas Coconut Software team member
Was a really fun way to interact with coworkers (that we don't always get to) in a safe, unique way. Was a great experience to loosen up and unwind! Coconut Software team member
I loved all the fun activities Coconut Software team member
I really liked the chance to meet Ken, and the variety of activities we did. I also liked the brief explanation of why what we were doing was important, but without feeling really prescribed. Coconut Software team member


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