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Level up Wavy Pro 🌊

Your always-on culture hub for company-wide, department-based, and ERG initiatives.


Best for dipping your toes in the water and getting started with your culture calendar. Spark the flame!

  • Access all hosted events
  • Access Lite event templates
  • Create events from scratch
  • Google calendar integration
  • Automated event invites & emails
  • Lite post-event feedback
/free forever


Best for teams who are ready to dive in with always-on culture programming vs. one-off events.

  • Save 15% on all hosted events
  • Access Pro event templates
  • Unlock post-event feedback
  • Unlock insights dashboard
  • HRIS integration (department-level events)
  • Slack integration (invites & feedback in Slack)
  • Dedicated Culture Partner
  • Custom program design
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