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A young passionate, life enthusiast from New Delhi living life to the fullest. I love conversations about - street art, travel, fitness, photography, colors and more. - Started hosting on Airbnb in 2019 and absolutely fell in love with the concept of meeting strangers from all over the world in your own city! - Became an online experience host in 2020 - Took over as Global Community Leader for Online experiences in 2021 - Became a home host in 2022 I'm the Man Friday for anyone who wants to know which party and/or where should they go. I love planning and excel sheets, so much so that I planned my honeymoon on an excel sheet.. Sorry but not sorry. And my ideal Sunday is far from being a burrito wrapped inside a cosy blanket. No sire. I am a total extrovert who goes talking to random people on the metro, buys food for friends & fam, and definitely the last one to get off the dance floor & oh I am also most likely to be the designated driver after a fun party. I love music of all kinds; I buy books that I never read but take comfort in seeing them around me. I like to find joy in hugs and coffee mugs. I am a big culture enthusiast who enjoys bringing to people my culture & insightful micro-local stories. Professionally a practicing accountant by the day, Airbnb community leader & host by the evening. And I am looking forward to say hello to you!

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